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Occasionally our team are invited to speak at conferences and events, or submit articles on the cultural and creative sector - some of these are archived here.

We, the Scottish people
This poem was commissioned from Don Paterson in 2005 to try and provide a bit of balance to the necessarily administrative-heavy tone of the Cultural Commission's report that year. It got overlooked at the time, but it definitely deserves a wider audience. It was intended that the Scottish Parliament adopt it as their stated intent - and it could still do a lot worse. Don is one of the country's best poets - but it's still an amazing bit of alchemy that he managed to translate cultural policy into inspiring art.

Click this link to read Don's poem: We, the Scottish people


Holyrood Conference
In 2009 we were invited to speak on the prospects for public sector support at the Holyrood conference on the future of the cultural sector in Scotland, following contributions by the Minister for Culture and the chairs of Creative Scotland and Scottish Arts Council. A podcast of the speech will be available on site soon.


Plays on Radio Scotland
In July 2009, Radio Scotland broadcast a new play by Bryan, Shankly and Stein, a drama based on real events surrounding two of Scotland's greatest football managers. Later this year, a new comedy drama will be broadcast, also on Radio Scotland. 'Distributing Dave' is currently scheduled for broadcast at 11.30am on December 4th 2009. Bryan is currently developing ideas with Rab Noakes for a new music-theatre production.






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