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Useful Links - Gaelic and Scots

Am Baile
Explore Am Baile, The Highland Council's bilingual website, and discover the history and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Bord na Gaidhlig
Bord na Gaidhlig works to promote Gaelic, and strives in partnership with the Scottish Executive, the people of Scotland and the Gaelic organisations to improve the status of the language.

Cli Gaidhlig
The voice of Gaelic learners.

Comann nam Parant
Find current news on the work of Comann nam Parant, information on Gaelic-medium Education (GME) and the opportunity to communicate with parents throughout the country on the message board.

Dictionary of the Scots Language
The Dictionary of the Scots Language comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the 12-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the 10-volume Scottish National Dictionary.

Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005

Gaelic World/CNSA
CNSA creates learning opportunities in Gaelic for people of all ages throughout Scotland.

Learning and Teaching Scotland - Gaelic
Gaidhlig air-loidhne is a website for Gaelic teachers.


Pr˛iseact nan Ealan
Pr˛iseact nan Ealan (PNE), or the Gaelic Arts Agency, is the national development agency for the Scottish Gaelic arts.

Scots Language Centre
The Scots Language Centre was founded to do everything possible to promote the Scots language. It's main aim is to give people that speak Scots the chance to learn more about their own language.

Scots Language Society
The Scots Leid Associe wis foondit in 1972 an aye ettles ti pit forrit a feckfu case for the Scots language in leiterature, drama, the media, education an ilka day uiss.

Scots Online
Pittin the Mither Tongue on the Wab!

Ur-Sgeul brings you new, fresh, exciting Gaelic prose.



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